Why Us?


Evidence-based training with a qualified professional that provides lasting results. Vet recommended.


We can work online, at your home, or in my fenced field. I offer worldwide consultations.


We can work alone or the entire family can be involved, including kids. We discuss your goals and how to achieve them.


You can feel good about the training, it’s humane and non-judgemental. You will have fun and strengthen your bond with your dog. You will be supported throughout the process.


I will show you how to strengthen or change behavior. I’ll teach you how to maintain the training. I will disclose any negative side effects from methods.


You receive a report, recap e-mails, video samples and easy to read handouts to keep you on track. Personalized training plans are user friendly. Support is provided in between sessions. Reports are shared with your Vet if needed.

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Thinking about getting a puppy?

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