Day Training

Too busy to train your dog? Or maybe you don’t find the process interesting?
That’s understandable, I can help! 


It’s a premium service where I will come to your home and train your dog when you are at work or running errands. Let me do the heavy lifting! Then after the training period, we will take your dog for one or two test drives together. I will show you how to maintain the new behaviors that I’ve installed.



It’s ideal for busy families, or those uninterested in training, but still want their dog to gain new life skills, OR for those that need a qualified dog behavior expert to spend quality time with their dog during the day.


Day training is perfect for the following behaviors:

  1. walking nicely on lead
  2. recall
  3. positions training (sit, stay, down, target a mat/bed etc.)
  4. reduce jumping up
  5. leave it
  6. drop it
  7. crate training
  8. socialization and confidence building
  9. comfort with grooming and body handling
  10. lead reactivity (initial behavior consultation required if you haven’t had one yet, and is separate from the package)
  11. resource guarding (food, object or location guarding) (initial behavior consultation required and separate from package)
  12. Enrichment (mental games that are great for all dogs, especially senior dogs), scent work, and tricks training can be a part of the package too! 

Packages include the initial meet & greet session, you will need to be home for that. We will discuss your goals, expectations and the schedule. Then one to two transfer sessions at the end of the package, where I will show you what I installed and how to maintain it.

Limited availability, servicing all central parishes (plus Southampton and Hamilton Parish). At this time I’m unable to service St. Georges, St. Davids and Somerset for day training. 

Day training is available Tuesday – Friday mornings only. 

1 dog trained per session. 


Investment options: 
Package A: 1 meet & greet, 4 training sessions, 1 transfer session  = $744 (1-2 visits per week) ($124 per session)
Package B: 1 meet & greet, 10 training sessions, 2 transfer sessions  = $1,612 (2-3 visits per week) ($124 per session)
Package C: 1 meet & greet, 16 training sessions, 2 transfer sessions = $2,280 (2-3 visits per week) ($120 per session)


Packages B & C are for those with challenging behaviors that involve fear/aggression/reactivity, or if you have a long wish list of basics. Package A is for 1-3 basic behaviors only. Sessions are 45 mins each. You will receive videos, WhatsApp voice notes, and any relevant handouts. 

Packages are non-refundable and must be completed within a 6 month time frame.
Guarantees: It is unethical to make guarantees in regards to behavior whether that be human or animal! Many variables are at play, including genetics and client diligence. Some dogs may need more sessions than the package purchased.
Option to renew packages for the same amount of sessions, or less. 


How do you teach me through a computer screen?

My goal is to give you the tools you need to train on your own, because I won’t always be there. With online learning, you learn very effectively how to train your dog from the get go.

I demo with my dog and then coach your technique with your dog. All you need to do is angle the camera or laptop on your dog and half your body, so I can see what your hands are doing. You just need your dog in the room and treats!

I also send any relevant demo videos to help you along.

Online or remote learning is effective for everything from basic manners training, house & crate training, fear & aggression, separation anxiety, and all things puppy. We can even do tricks for fun too! Clients are pleased with the results and feel supported.

What are the benefits of online learning?
  • More flexibility with scheduling.
  • I can help clients anywhere in the world.
  • Less distractions – your dog can work in the quiet and comfort of your home.
  • Convenient – you don’t have to travel and there is no rescheduling due to weather or Covid.
  • You get recordings of sessions and videos to refer back to.
  • Trainers can see more on video in certain cases.
  • Dogs can focus more and don’t risk getting kicked out of a group class for disruptive behavior.
  • The whole family can participate.
  • Fearful dogs can feel safe, while their owners learn how to manage the situation and how to carry out the training technique around triggers.
Can I do a mix of online and in-person sessions?

Yes! After the initial behavior consultation, we can discuss options that are best suited for continued support and your success. However, all separation anxiety training is done remotely.

Don't you need to see the unwanted behavior?

No! We already know how to help fearful and reactive dogs. Pushing dogs past their comfort zone is unethical, ineffective, and unessessary. It can make the situation worse!

We already know what the unwanted behaviors look like and owners are very capable at describing them! We don’t need to make the dog suffer any more. Progress will be made by keeping the dog feeling safe, while using a training technique to build confidence and create positive associations.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

No! All you need is a laptop, desktop, or Ipad and to download the Zoom program. It is free! You can also use your cell phone to connect to a Zoom call.

You will need an email account too of course! That’s it!