Knowing and voluntary execution. By either downloading and signing a paper copy or by clicking ‘I Agree’ or ‘Yes’ with our online system, you declare that you are at least 18 years of age and competent to sign this Agreement. For registration and booking of training via website, clicking I agree or yes constitutes as your electronic signature. You agree and consent that your electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent to your handwritten signature. You will not, at any time in the future, repudiate the meaning of my electronic signature or claim that my electronic signature is not legally binding.

Company Wide Policies & Agreements:

  • As we are a small business, payment for all services is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Online payment only.
  • 48 hours’ notice is required for private training cancellations. Full cost will be charged or services considered rendered for no shows or last minute cancellations.
  • 3 days notice is required for a cancellation for a group training class. If you miss a class, no make up class is given. If your dog falls ill, you are expected to attend without your dog to practice and learn from the other dogs present. 
  • Up to two cancellations are permitted (within the cancellation policy time frame) during a training package and the session will be rescheduled. More than 2 cancellations – the session will be forfeited. This is due to the scheduling of other clients and the effectiveness of sticking to a set schedule.
  • Training packages expire without refund after 3 months.
  • If you are on a basic training package and it is discovered that your dog in fact needs a behavior consultation, the package will be switched from basic to behavior and any additional fees will be applied. 
  • Playgroup memberships expire after 3 or 6 months. Fees are non-transferable for training services or to other dogs. Memberships can be put on hold for 2 weeks – 3 months; for travel, pregnancy or illness reasons. If your dog is no longer suitable for playgroups due to behavioral reasons, the remaining credit can be put towards private rental of Stanley Park after a 10% admin fee is deducted. You must give at least 1 week notice before putting your membership on hold. Members must give notice if they can’t attend one week. If 1-2 sessions are cancelled due to the weather extensions are not given, however if more than 2 sessions are rained out an extension will be given. 
    • ,All prices quoted are within my service area. Additional fees may apply to service St. George’s, St. David’s, Southampton & Somerset.
    • Animal training & grooming consists of many variables, for this reason it is unethical for me to make guarantees, but I will be transparent throughout the process
    • After the initial behavior consultation, all members of the household are required to commit to aversive free methods and tools during our time together. Aversive methods and tools (choke, shock, slip leads, prongs, bark collars, shake cans etc.) have well documented negative side effects, namely increased fear, anxiety, and aggression. These methods and tools may hamper training. You won’t get the best result possible if these inhumane and unnecessary methods are used.   
    • If your dog presents with potential pain or extreme behavior, I may require a Veterinarian be seen in order to move forward with behavior modification. Health and behavior are linked. In many cases health (including toxic stress) must be addressed first in order to see the behavior change you wish for.  
    • COVID 19: If you or anyone in your household is sick please reschedule your appointment or move it online. Please give ample notice. 

      Playgroup Policies & Agreements:

      Made in advance by email on a first come first serve basis. Members get priority booking. Limited spots available. No drop ins please. We reserve the right to excuse a dog or human at any time for unwanted behavior, without refund.

      Cancellation Policy:
      At least 4hrs. notice is required for a cancellation for playgroup unless there is an emergency or a dog becomes ill. This is because limited spots are available and can be given to someone who wants to come. It also helps keep the size of the groups fun and effective for socialization. No shows and late cancellations are charged the full amount. Playgroup PLUS (group training) 3 days notice is required for a cancelation. If your spot can be filled we can refund you. No make up dates are offered due to the scheduling of classes and other clients. However, a rain date is provided. If your dog is sick or goes into heat, you are asked to attend alone to observe and practice on other dogs.

      Children over the age of 8 are welcome with their parents/guardians, however, children under 8yrs are not permitted in the field with the dogs, unless it is a puppy playgroup. Children are asked to stand back and let the dogs play with each other and to ask permission before petting a dog they don’t know. Children attending group training classes must be 8 yrs. old or older.

      Shock, choke, and prong collars are not permitted. These pieces of equipment pose a serious risk of injury to the dog as well as potential negative side effects. Prong collars are dangerous for other dogs’ teeth and lips during play as well. If you attend playgroup with one of these devices on your dog, you will be asked to swap it out for a humane collar in order to remain in the session. No extendible leads please. Flat leads only and no slip leads.

      Positive methods only: It is important to us that the humans in attendance treat the dogs with kindness and respect. If we feel guardians are not treating their dogs in a humane manner during a playgroup, we reserve the right to excuse them without refund. 

      Puppy playgroup: (10 weeks – 18 weeks old)

      • Puppies must be in their new home for at least one week before they can begin and be seen by a local vet.
      • Medical documents from your local vet required. First two vaccines & a deworming are mandatory.
      • If puppy is coughing, vomiting or has diarrhea, please keep them at home until they are better and see your vet for treatment. Stool must be firm.
      • If your puppy tests positive for giardia or anything contagious, they must be treated by a vet and stay at home until they are better and symptom free. Proof of treatment necessary with a negative fecal sample. A letter or receipt from your vet is needed.
      • All puppies must wear a flat collar or body harness during playgroup.
      • Maximum two puppies per handler.
      • Handler must be over 18 years old.
        Juvenile & adult dog playgroups: (5 months & up)
        • Dogs must be friendly to humans and other dogs.
        • Dogs are grouped with individual play style, age and size in mind.
        • All dogs 5 months or older must be assessed for pro-social behavior before they begin (assessments are by appointment and take 10-15 mins).
        • If a dog hasn’t attended within 5 months, they must be re-evaluated.
        • Dogs must be in good health, flea free, firm stool and dewormed every 6 months.
        • Please do not bring a female in heat.
        • Please keep your dog at home if they have vomited within 24 hours, have diarrhea or are coughing and seek veterinary care.
        • All dogs must wear a flat collar or body harness during playgroup. No extendible leads 
        • Playgroups are for dogs that like socialization, they are not for dogs who are aggressive, fearful or have play skill deficits. A dog may be excused for unwanted behavior. Dogs that have behavior issues will be advised to schedule private training sessions. Intact males are excused for excessive sex pest behavior.
        • Maximum two dogs per handler.
        • Handler must be over 18 years old.

          Disclaimer for Dog Gone Good Play Group:

          (Dog Gone Good) will endeavour to create as safe an environment as possible for the dog playgroup and closely monitor the dog–dog and dog-human interactions. However, I recognise that (Dog Gone Good, its owner and employees) are not responsible for an injury to either myself, my child (if applicable) or my dog. Further, I am and will remain responsible for the actions of my dog, child (if applicable) and myself at all times and I herby agree to indemnify and hold harmless (Dog Gone Good, its owner, and employees, and the owner of the property) of any and all claims of injury, expense, costs or damages caused by the actions of my dog. I will cover the costs of damages caused by my dog. I have been told by (Amy Terceira) and understand the inherent risks of dog bites to myself or others. I acknowledge that (Dog Gone Good, its owner, and employees) are not responsible if my dog escapes the enclosure.