Separation Anxiety

Are you and your dog suffering from separation anxiety?

You do not have to chose between living your life and your dog’s happiness, both can be achieved. Regain your freedom while your dog stays comfortably at home. I work remotely with clients worldwide.

Separation anxiety is treatable!

What is separation anxiety in dogs?

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder or phobia, similar to when human’s have a panic attack. The dog has a panic attack when left alone. It will not resolve on its own and can worsen in time if left untreated. Dogs of any age, including puppies can present with separation anxiety.

Symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive barking, whining, crying and howling.
  • Chewing or destroying floors, walls, doors, windows, particularly around entrances.
  • Frantic attempts to escape, sometimes to the point of self harm.
  • Soiling (especially when the dog is otherwise house-trained).
  • Getting anxious well before the owner leaves. Think panting, pacing, drooling.

The training approach:

Treating separation anxiety is most effectively done by exposure therapy (desensitization). This proven approach is a face the fear approach but the key here is, facing the fear in a way that doesn’t add fear via gradual exposure, at an intensity that the dog can handle.

We will be working remotely on Zoom in order for us to focus on you leaving your dog, not me! Remote work allows me to help clients worldwide. Through our work, I will teach you how to become an expert at reading your dog’s body language as you work through your daily customized plans.

The keys to success:

Suspending Absences

This is the most important thing you can do and it is not forever! If your dog is left alone and continues to experience panic, improvement won’t be possible. It takes a village. Enlist friends, family, neighbors, dog sitters, daycare etc.

Humane Methods

The use of aversive tools like, shock collars, shaking cans, anti-bark or citronella collars can not be used. These tools will hamper the training we do and can make the anxiety worse.


Guardians will be doing the training. I will be supporting you and creating customized training plans for you to follow, in addition to reviewing your videos and evaluating your dog when alone to be sure we are working at your dog’s pace. Separation anxiety training takes a big commitment from the guardian. Be prepared to spend some time each day.


This training is most effective when done remotely. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. I can help set you up. You will need a webcam, laptop or tablet, and mobile device.

Ready to get your life back and help your dog feel safe?

Initial Consultation: $195

All new clients start here! We get started with the Initial 60-minute Consultation on Zoom where we dig into the information you provide on the intake form followed by the initial live assessment. After the assessment, we will discuss my observations, an overview of the training program, what you will need, and a recording of the consultation.

Please click on the “Get Started Now” button to provide you and your dog’s information. I will contact you within 72 hours with a date and time for us to meet.

Initial 8-week Package (best value) $1,100

Investment option after the initial consultation.


  • 40 customized training plans (5x per week).
  • Video reviews of your sessions as needed.
  • Unlimited support via WhatsApp during working hours.
  • Live on Zoom: One 30 min video assessment with you and your dog each week. (8 total)

Initial 4-week Package $715

Investment option after the initial consultation.


  • 20 customized training plans (5x per week).
  • Video reviews of your sessions as needed.
  • Unlimited support via WhatsApp during working hours.
  • Live on Zoom: One 30 min video assessment with you and your dog each week. (4 total)

Carry-On 2-week Package $275

You’ve already completed an initial package and need to carry-on with support, but are ready to do more on your own.


  • Customized training plans (5x per week).
  • Live on Zoom: One 30 min video assessment with you and your dog each week. (2 total)


Is my dog stubborn or malicious?
No, but I understand that it can feel this way. In reality, they are scared. Your dog is having a panic attack every time you leave. They are not trying to punish you for leaving by destroying the rug or door, they are terrified. Dogs don’t have the ability like humans do, to experience guilt, revenge, or anger. They are not programed this way.
Will a crate help?

Dogs who are suffering from separation anxiety usually don’t do well in a crate. Crates add another barrier in between your dog and you, so it is like a double whammy and can make the anxiety worse. They can injure themselves trying to ferociously escape. In some instances, we will use a dog proof room or baby gate.

How long does the training take to resolve?
It is not a quick fix. There are many variables and this depends on the owner’s engagement and the individual dog. The rate of progress is completely determined on your dog and your ability to complete the training. It is unethical to make guarantees in animal behavior; however, my method is scientifically proven and has successfully resolved or reduced separation anxiety in hundreds of dogs. It’s helpful to think in terms of months not weeks.
Why do we work remotely?
We work remotely within your own home because your dog needs to be ok with you leaving, not me! If I’m there I can get in the way and distract you dog, he needs to be ok being alone at your house. We can monitor your dog on video during training absences, so we know exactly how he is coping. Remote training is the most effective way to address separation anxiety.