Why Positive Reinforcement?

Why a qualified humane trainer matters?

The internet and TV shows are full of misinformation and outdated inhumane methods. The dog training field is unregulated, so anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviorist. Get results and relief by hiring a qualified humane trainer who will give you support, evidence based information, and bang for your buck.

Training Method:
I use evidence-based training that gets you results without the use of force or pain. I apply animal learning theory and applied behavior analysis into user friendly training plans that clients can easily follow. 

I will not use aversive equipment like choke, shock or prong collars. There is no risk of your dog developing fear or aggression with my methods. Positive reinforcement is the safest, most humane, most effective way to train and is recommended by The American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior.

Guardians and all members of the household are required to commit to aversive free methods during our time together. Aversive tools and methods will likely hamper the training.

Qualifications and Courses:

CTC – Certified trainer and counselor from the world-leading Academy For Dog Trainers
CSAP-BC – Certified separation anxiety pro behavior consultant from author and separation anxiety specialist, Julie Naismith
City & Guild Level 3 Certificate – Dog Grooming Stylist

Courses and continued education with Certified Clinical Animal Behaviorist, Sarah Whitehead:
Think Dog! Intermediate Certificate in canine behavior & training
Think Dog! Practical course on dog behavior & clicker training
Dog-Dog Aggression Masterclass
Sex, Hormones and Neutering in Dogs

B.A. American University, Washington, D.C.

Consumer Protection:

The dog training field is unregulated. There is no minimum education requirement or standard of care. Anyone can call themselves a trainer or behaviorist and take your hard earned money. If they mess up your dog, there aren’t any consequences. This makes you and your dog vulnerable to the repercussions of outdated and abusive methods.