Click the view calendar button below to make sure your desired time(s) is available before starting the scheduling process. Note the calendar will open up in a pop-up, so please allow pop-ups to view the calendar. Times showing on Calendar are already booked and unavailable.  

Intake Form
When scheduling the appointment, you must note all dogs and dog guardians who will be in attendance.
Each dog guardian in attendance will need to sign a waiver the first time they will be at the dog park. When listing who will be in attendance, please indicate if it is their first time so they can be sent the waiver.
If it's your first time to Stanley Park, you will receive a 10 min orientation with Amy at the start of your first booking. She will meet you at the gate and show you around, so you get the most out of your visit!
Is this your first time booking at Stanley Park?


1 dog – $30
2 dogs – $40
3 dogs – $60
4 dogs – $80
5 dogs – $90
6 dogs – $108
7 dogs – $126
8 dogs – $144
9 dogs – $162
10 dogs – $180
We understand that plans change! We kindly ask for at least 1 day notice, in order to add any additional dogs to your booking. This gives us the time we need on the administration side. Thank you for your cooperation.
We understand that plans change! We kindly ask for at least 1 day notice, in order to add any additional dogs to your booking. This gives us the time we need on the administration side. Thank you for your cooperation.
Dog Guardian 2 First Time?
Dog Guardian 3 First Time?
Dog Guardian 4 First Time?
Dog Guardian 5 First Time?
Dog Guardian 6 First Time?
Dog Guardian 7 First Time?
Dog Guardian 8 First Time?
Dog Guardian 9 First Time?
Dog Guardian 10 First Time?
Will there be any puppies under 16 weeks old?

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Policies and Procedures

Has your dog (or any dogs in attendance) ever bitten a human or another dog?
Did it require medical attention?
Will the dog who has bitten before be muzzled while at our Park? Although muzzles aren't required for dogs that bite, you are highly encouraged to use one. We take no responsibility for any altercations that may happen.
I understand that exercising my dog is not without risk to myself, members of my family, or my dog.
I agree that, in the event of injury to my family, my dog(s), or myself, I will not hold the proprietor of Dog Gone Good (or their employees) responsible.
I also agree to assume all responsibly for any damage done to the property, persons or other dogs by me or my dog’s actions. Damage should be reported immediately by email:
Use of Stanley Park is at my own risk.
I understand that if my dog can jump over the fence, I should not book in, as Stanley Park is not responsible for escapees.
I understand that both gates must be kept fully closed (over the latch) at ALL times. Lock the gate when you leave please.
I understand that no dogs without people and no people without dogs.
I understand that dogs must be on lead when entering and exiting the park.
I understand that un-neutered males must be watched carefully.
I understand that children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.
I understand that children are not permitted to climb on the fencing or play with the dog equipment. Dogs are not permitted on the picnic table or bench.
I understand that owners are legally responsible for the behaviour of their dog(s) at all times.
I understand that I must watch my dog at all times and pick up after them immediately, even if they poop in the parking area.
I agree that my dog(s) must wear a flat collar or body harness at all times in the dog park. No shock, choke or prong collars are permitted as they pose a serious risk of injury to your dog and other dogs.
I understand that all dogs attending the dog park must be up to date on their core vaccines, be free of infectious disease, dewormed every 6 months, flea free, free of any infectious skin disorder and must have firm stool. You enter at your own risk.
I understand that off lead exercise of any type is strenuous activity requiring my dog to be physically fit.
I understand that bookings are non-transferrable.
I understand that the duration of the booking is 1 hour.
I agree to the 24 hours’ cancellation policy. In the event of a storm, a credit will be given, and you can attend on another day. However, this is not the case for light rain.
I understand that smoking is not permitted.
I agree to clean up after my dog (or any dogs in attendance) immediately and take ALL trash with me. I will leave no trace.
I agree to a clean up fee of $100 if I fail to clean up after myself and my dog. I understand that access may be denied if I do not follow these policies.
If my dog, or any dog in attendance, eliminates on furniture or equipment, I agree to clean it completely.
I agree not to use the field in the back or any other part of the property. The rental is only for the enclosed area of the park.
I agree to arrive and leave promptly to respect the booking of others. I will not linger on the property.
Radio ButtonsI understand that poop should be placed in the poop bin across from the park. It is located on the other side of the gate and is clearly marked.
I understand that as the person submitting this form, I am responsible for the group (if applicable).