Please fill out and sign the Terms of Use policy below – once you complete this step, you will be able to reserve a time at Stanley Park.

This only needs to be filled out once, on future bookings you will be able to skip this step.

If you are coming to this page as an additional dog guardian for a booking request just fill out and submit this form and you are all set.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Stanley Park (Dog Gone Good’s private hire dog park in Smiths).

This waiver must be filled out prior to your first visit to Stanley Park. Thank you for your cooperation.

• I understand that exercising my dog is not without risk to myself, members of my family, or my dog.

• I agree that in the event of injury to my family, my dog(s), or myself, I will not hold the proprietor of Dog Gone Good (or their employees) responsible.

• I also agree to assume all responsibly for any damage done to the property, persons or other dogs by me or my dog’s actions. Damage should be reported immediately by email:

• Use of Stanley Park is at my own risk.

• If your dog can jump over the fence, please do not book in, we are not responsible for escapees.

• No dogs on the bench or picnic table please.

• Both entrance gates must be kept fully closed at ALL times. Do not park in front of the gate. Please lock the gate when you leave.

• No dogs without people and no people without dogs.

• Dogs must be on lead when entering and exiting the park.

• Un-neutered males must be watched carefully.

• Children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.

• Children are not permitted to climb on the fencing or play with the dog equipment.

• Owners are legally responsible for the behaviour of their dog(s) at all times.

• Watch your dog at all times.

• Your dog(s) must wear a collar or body harness at all times in the park. No shock, choke, or prong collars are permitted. No slip leads. No aversive equipment please.

• Dogs with injurious bite history are highly recommended to be muzzled.

• All dogs attending the dog park must be up to date on their core vaccines (every 3 years), lepto vaccine annually, be free of infectious disease, dewormed every 6 months, flea free, and free of any infectious skin disorder. If your dog is under 16 weeks old, you must submit a veterinary document stating your puppy has received at least 2 vaccines and a deworming.

• I understand that off lead exercise of any type is strenuous activity requiring my dog to be physically fit.

• Bookings are non-transferrable.

• The duration of the booking is 1 hour. Please do not arrive early and exit the property promptly. No lingering.

• 24 hr cancellation policy. 10% admin fee applies.

• In the event of a storm, a credit will be given, and you can attend on another day. However, this is not the case for light rain.

• Non-smoking site.

• Clean up after your dog immediately and take ALL trash with you. Please leave no trace. The poop bin is only for poop bags and is located outside the main gate. A clean up fine of $100 will be charged for those that fail to clean up after their dogs & themselves, and after the third offense access will be denied.

• If your dog eliminates on furniture or equipment, please clean it off.

• Payment is due at the time of booking.

• When making a group booking, all dogs in attendance must be listed. 1 person pays the fee and can sort what other attendees owe them privately. We understand that plans change! We kindly ask for at least 1 day notice, in order to add any additional dogs to your booking. This gives us the time we need on the administration side. Thank you for your cooperation.

• Maximum of 10 dogs at one time.

• All dog owners in attendance must sign a waiver.

• We reserve the right to refuse entry and/or cancel bookings if our terms are not adhered to.

• We ask visitors to treat our park and staff with kindness and respect.

• If you are a dog trainer, dog walker or pet care provider and wish to rent the park for your business purposes, please contact me via email to book.

• Please do not use the field in the back or any other part of the property. The rental is only for the enclosed area of the park.

understand and accept all of the above.